joseph daniel mcmahon

Director | Editor

Minnesota Zoo - Where Amazing Lives - TV Spot

T.C. Worley, director, and Tanya Silver, producer, did such an amazing job on this project. The amount of great content I was able to play with when they had to corral a child actor, animals, shoot during business hours, and on a tight schedule is stuff legends are made of.

Also, if anyone has a project where I get to look at footage of Red Pandas, I'm your man. 

NYC is Handsome - Short Documentary

Jonathan Chapman and I took a trip to New York City to show off his dope portfolio. He had a vision to make a film while we were in town.

We had almost worked with Handsome Cycles in the past so Jonathan asked them if they had anyone interesting in New York City who owned a Handsome. Gabriel Frilando AKA CheatDeath NYC was that man.

Hanging out with him all day, hearing his story, and watching him ride was an experience I will never forget. 

Sideshow Sign Co. - Profile

Jonathan Chapman had me look at some interesting things to shoot in Nashville while he and his family were passing through on their way to New Orleans. Sideshow Sign Co. was the obvious choice to profile.

Jonathan's footage was insane so we knew we had to add more backstory to the piece. I called Sideshow's head honcho, Luke, and interviewed him on speaker phone and recorded the conversation with another phone like any other high class person would do.

I think about that conversation often as he was extremely honest and transparent about his influence and style. I hope the piece conveys a small percentage of what I got out of that conversation.

The St. Paul Kid - Short Documentary

Antonio Johnson, AKA The St. Paul Kid, is the most inspiring person I've ever seen interviewed. His intensity and love for boxing was only matched by his intensity and love for his family and town. I was extremely moved by his passion and felt a very deep desire to create a film that told his story properly. I hope that I've accomplished that. 

I am honored that Tony Franklin chose me for the edit and was lucky to be able to tell Antonio's story. 

Winsome - Fall Clothing Line

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Eric and Stephanie after they shot this gorgeous footage.

Steph and I were chatting about a different topic on Facebook Messenger when out of the blue she suggested we meet up to look at the footage. It was great to catch up with her (We used to work in retail together) and I ended up taking a stab at the edit.

There wasn't an expectation that I would be the final editor on the piece so I think that gave me the ability to take the time to find some interesting match cuts and enjoy working with Eric's "lens whacking" (Yeah, that's what it's called). Luckily, they dug the direction and we had a sweet editing session to finish it off. This connected all of us to do more projects in the future together.

I love those two. 

Bibliotheca - Kickstarter promotional video

It's hard to know what to say about this one that Adam, the head of the Kickstarter, doesn't already say in the video.

Watching the success of this project was one of the most exciting things in my life. It ended up raising 1.4 million. 

Children's Hospital - The Cardiovascular Team in Action

Watching these passionate doctors take care of babies that are barely breathing was extremely difficult to get through. I am really proud I got to be a part of this heartbreaking video.

Red Gold - Family and Farming

These farmers have such a good understanding of why they wake up each morning. Going through all of the interview content really made me rethink what I do for a living. These farmers are emotional, strong, proud of what they do, and it shows in their heart and how they treat their family.