joseph daniel mcmahon

Director | Editor

Short Documentary for Children's Hospital - The story of Abbie Nelson living with Type 1 Diabetes. 


The Players:

Cinematographer | Eric Schleicher

Executive Producer | Jonathan Chapman

Producer | Tanya Silver

Sound Recording | Nick Leisenheimer and Nick Christopulos

Sound Mix | Nick Leisenheimer

Score | Verskotzi

DIT/Production Assistant | Chris Warlow

Stylist | Ashlee Ellert


Music Video for Bora York.


The Players:

Cinematographer | Kyle Ramsey Moe

Dancer | Kaleena Miller

Crew | Joey Knox-Carr, Keith Moechnig, and Joseph Loeffler 

Music Video for Step Rockets


The Players:

Co-Director | Stephanie Johnson

Cinematographer | Eric Schleicher

Stylist | Anna K Olson

Actors | Ande Magnusson and Erika Elaine

Music Video for Squares


The Players:

Co-Director | Daniel Williams

Writer | Luke Friedrich

Cinematographer | Dmitry Futoryan

Stylist | Alisun Abbott

Makeup/Practical Effects | Aleah Kraft

Actor | Savannah Krusen

Gideon - Short Film

Logline - A thriller about a man trapped in his home, afraid of what could be coming.


The players:

Co-Creator | Daniel Williams

Actors | John Egan, Ryne Leaver, Ian Littleson

Here I Am - Short Film

Logline - A man hears a scream and knows what must be done.


Co-Director and Writer | Daniel Williams

Cinematography | Chris Hadland

Grip | Dmitry Futoryan

Actors | Daniel Williams and Liam Rapp

Sound Design and Score | Me